Food and COVID-19 NYC Archive


We are collecting materials related to New Yorkers’ experiences with food during the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020. We seek text-based and visual materials related to any aspect of the food system including but not limited to: agriculture and food production, advertising, composting, consumption, cooking, dining in public or at home, processing, product development, manufacturing, marketing, transportation, restaurants, shopping, storage, and waste. 

Our focus is on the New York City metropolis, from all five boroughs and the larger metro area.  We want to collect and preserve the food experiences of all New Yorkers during the COVID-19 pandemic in all ways: food shortages and scarcities, food celebrations, and every day consumption.

The archive (once it’s up and running) will be searchable and open to researchers and the interested public. 

Click on the link for more information and to upload your submissions. 

 This project is funded by the Department of Nutrition and Food Studies, Steinhardt School, New York University, and the Association for the Study of Food and Society (ASFS).  For more information contact

posted June 15, 2020